Report for Implementation Plan for Nursing and Midwifery

In connection to start the Degree program in Sindh’s Nursing Institute, a highest level meeting was conducted on October 8th 2019 at Gulab Hall, Movenpick Hotel   in Karachi where Federal Ministry Lead consultants Dr Ghulam Nabi Qazi, Director NHSRC Dr Sabeen, Leaders from PNC, UNFPA, Jhapiego’s, AKUSONAM, DUHS, Ziauddin University College of Nursing, SNEB, and Directorate of Nursing analyzed the situations and reiterated their resolve to hasten further steps. The few impediments were identified that are to be resolved the earliest. The Director thanked the supporting agencies and honored technocrats from Federal Ministry for their commitment and vowed to seek Sindh Government helps to implement the plan. Ms Alia Nasir, Principle ZCON contributed her part by emphasizing and encouraging the participants to strengthen the Nursing profession in the country.

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