Lamp Lighting Ceremony

College of Nursing, Ziauddin University observed International Nurses & Midwifery Day on Friday, 3rd May 2019 at Abul Hasan Jafarey Auditorium, Ziauddin University to highlight the importance of Nursing and Midwifery profession. The Lamp Lighting Ceremony was themed, “A voice to lead, health for all.” The Chief Guest, Dr. Sarah Salman, Provincial Head of Office Sindh at World Health Organization (WHO) said that commitment, hard work, dedication, association with care services are the key words for the profession of Nurses and Midwifery. Nurses are trained to look after not only an individual’s sickness but physical and mental health as well. They are the support system and backbone of any healthcare organization and hence the society. This day gives us motivation to train more nurses with latest technologies to compete globally.

While discussing about sustainable development goals, Dr. Sarah Salman, said that it is the era of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Pakistan is also the signatory of agenda 2030. Sustainable Development Goal number 3 is for Health sector, which indicate universal health coverage for all.

Dr. Stephen O’ Brien, Dean Faculty of Health and Society at University of Northampton, as Keynotes Speaker, appreciated and motivated all the efforts of nurses and said that it was so good to observe that a developing country like Pakistan is taking initiatives in support of nursing profession. Nursing is all about making sure that there are dedicated human resources to take care of patients.

He further added that Nursing is all about empowering a soul. In this context, nurses & midwives are prominent voices and an important part of our society. In this transitional period, we definitely need to work together for the betterment of this profession. He was sure that nursing profession and nurses of Pakistan will make country proud around the globe.

Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University said that nurses are indication of change and they are trained for this particular area. Our health facilities rely heavily on nurses. They can easily bring revolution in the field of medical. They deserve our support, respect and appreciation. It is the most trusted profession because of philosophy behind it. Competition is very tough in the world and we need to upgrade our structure. At Ziauddin, we give proper training to our nurses with the use of latest technologies.

Other speakers Khairunnisa Akbar, Controller SNEB and Shabbir Jhatial, Director of Nursing at the event highlighted the importance of nurses and midwifery and stated that professions like nursing involve humility and it is the day to celebrate it. Nurses Day is observed to inform the public about work of nurses and how they contribute to health and well-being of public. The International Nurses & Midwifery Day is all about highlighting the contributions that nurses made in the delivery of health care system.

 Students of College of Nursing, Ziauddin University took oath and lit their lamps during lamp lighting ceremony to commit to this noble profession and pay tribute to Florence Nightingale, the one who dedicated her life to the nursing profession in the most selfless way.

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